An eclectic range of
Original Art & Inspirational Quotes 

by New Zealand Artist and Writer Peter Karsten

Reproduced onto a fine range of Greeting Cards and Cushion Covers. (throw pillows) The Cushions are Cool and Funky, and the Greeting Cards, which are printed in New Zealand onto the finest quality Cotton Based Card, are Simply Special. 
There's something here for everyone. 

Wholesale Greeting Cards, Cushion Covers and Cushions (throw pillows)  - We are presently looking for a select number of outlets who would like to stock our unique range of NZ greeting cards and Kiwiana  to be their next best and ongoing sellers.  Due to the quality of the Fedrigoni cotton based ivory card, the simplicity of the designs and the inspirational, yet somewhat quirky text, our Greeting Cards have proved to be top sellers in a number of boutique stores, Museums, and Galleries throughout New Zealand.

We've had lovely feedback over the years from both the buyer and recipient. The buyer enjoys the fact that they have found something a little bit different to give their friends and loved ones, so we have kept our range to a select number of retail outlets to optimise the fact that they are giving something "simply special" that is not usually found in the mainstream.  If you think our cards would suit your outlet please register now and hopefully we can get these simply special greeting cards onto your shelves.  

We'll do our bit by supplying " Low Freight Charges"  "No Minimum Order Required"  Standard payment arrangements, even by credit card to stack up those reward points if you wish.  Just click on Products and then click onto each of our collections to see our eclectic range. If you like what you see, please register so we can activate your wholesale rate ready for you to login next time round.

Many thanks, Peter Karsten